An Daonchartlann & Covid-19

An Daonchartlann – Archive & Research Centre is open each Wednesday between 10.00hrs to 16.00hrs (subject to current advice at the time)

The new system for operating the archive due to Covid-19, is as follows.

(1)  All visits to the archive, for members and non-members, is by appointment only. All appointments to be made, in advance, to only.

(2)  Maximum time for each visit, is 1 hour for non- members and 2 hours for paid up members. Maximum number of visitors per appointment is one person.

(3)  Gloves supplied in the archive, must always be used while in the archive.

(4)  Face mask/covering (not supplied) must always be worn while in the archive. You will be refused admission to the archive without a face mask/covering.

(5)  A name and contact phone number will be required from each person visiting.

(6)   All visitors, members and non-members must leave the archive as soon as their allocated time has finished.

Please do not visit the archive, if you are feeling unwell or have been in contact with someone, who has been confirmed as having Covid-19 or are waiting for test results.

(The Archive cannot be a drop-in centre under the current Covid-19 regulations and we hope to be able to revert at a later stage.)