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The Society has a stand at Back to our Past, Belfast.  Aidan Feerick and Tom Burke were among others from the Society who attended


The President of the Genealogical Society of Ireland Mr. Stuart Rosenblatt, PC, FGSI,  presented the 20th Volume of his internationally acclaimed magnum opus on the archival records and history of the Irish Jewry to An Cathaoirleach of the Society, Mr. Gerry Hayden, MGSI, at the Open Meeting held last night in the Dún Laoghaire Further Education Institute (DFEi)IMG_4895

October 18th 2016:

Genealogical Society of Ireland journals and publications go online at Findmypast


  • All Society journals from 1992 to 2016 including over 800 individual articles
  • All Society publications including extensive collections of gravestone inscriptions, historic records and surname studies.
  • Released online for the first time

Dublin, Ireland, October 18th 2016

Leading Family History website Findmypast, has today announced the online publication of all the Society’s journals dating from 1992 to 2016. These journals will be joined by the expansive range of other Genealogical Society or Ireland publications over the coming weeks. The publications consists of a wide range of documents including transcripts of original records, memorial inscriptions, local and surname studies and collections of specialist sources and guides. The information dates back to 1798 and covers many counties in Ireland including Cavan, Dublin, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Louth, Offaly and Wicklow.

The release is comprised of two sets of important publications, namely:

  • Journals – In 1992 the Society commenced publication of a journal. Back then it was the Dun Laoghaire Genealogical Society, but immediately expanded its remit to cover much more than the area around the Borough. It published 224 articles between then and 1999 when it changed its name to the Genealogical Society of Ireland. Since 2000 it has published over 600 articles on Irish family history including transcripts of source materials, scholarly articles, name studies and other material.
  • Publications – Alongside the journals, the society has had an ambitious publishing programme. It has so far published over 40 individual volumes of source materials. Its first in 1992 was an 1837 memorial from Wicklow signed by hundreds of residents. Thereafter they have published many volumes of gravestone inscriptions and memorials, several school registers, military records, extracts from the 1821 and 1901 census returns, occupational records, information about the population in 1798, and specific family studies, and much more.

Brian Donovan, Head of Irish Records at Findmypast, comments:

“The Genealogical Society of Ireland occupies a unique position in the Irish genealogical landscape. Not only is it the largest volunteer society in the Republic, it is by far the most active, involved in campaigns, publications, international events and the promotion of the hobby of family history. It is dedicated to making the complexities of research understandable to the novice, while at the same time developing unique expertise across a range of topics. It is particularly important as a lobbyist to government for the shared interests of the genealogy sector in Ireland and opens its doors to everyone to help in this task. With all this in mind, we at Findmypast are especially pleased to see their fabulous collection of publications available to our audience. We also wish them every continuing success.”

Tom Conlon, Director, Sales and Marketing, Genealogical Society of Ireland said

“We are delighted to advance to a further stage of collaboration with Findmypast. It brings our portfolio of publications to a very much larger audience worldwide.

The range of information of genealogical interest available online continues to expand at a phenomenal rate. With a few clicks, one can find a whole range of information and records.  By joining a society, members are helped to better interpret this information and to enhance their understanding of the times and circumstances in which their ancestors lived”


About Findmypast

Findmypast (previously DC Thomson Family History) is a Scottish-owned world leader in online family history. It has an unrivalled record of online innovation in the field and 18 million registered users across its family of online brands, which includes Lives of the First World War, The British Newspaper Archive and Genes Reunited, amongst others.

Its lead brand, also called Findmypast, is a searchable online archive of over eight billion family history records, ranging from parish records and censuses to migration records, military collections, historical newspapers and lots more. For members around the world, the site is a crucial resource for building family trees and conducting detailed historical research.

In April 2003, Findmypast was the first online genealogy site to provide access to the complete birth, marriage, and death indexes for England & Wales, winning the Queen’s Award for Innovation. Since that time, the company has digitised records from across the globe, including over 120 million Irish family history records, the largest collection online.


About Genealogical Society of Ireland

The Society was established in 1990 to promote an awareness, appreciation and knowledge of our genealogical and heraldic heritage in Ireland and amongst her Diaspora.

It is devoted to the promotion of the study of genealogy and related subjects as educational leisure pursuits available to all in the community irrespective of age, prior-learning, background or socio-economic circumstances by organising Open Meetings, lectures, workshops, publishing genealogical material, organising group project, exhibiting at major relevant events and the provision of an Archive and Research Centre, An Daonchartlann.

The Society encourages its members, undertaking research in every county in Ireland, to make their research available to others through publication. Through its publications  programme, the Society makes accessible to researchers at home and abroad many sources otherwise not available except in their original state. The collection and repatriation of genealogical material is an important function of the Society’s Archive and Research Centre, An Daonchartlann.




All-focusNew Cathaoirleach (Chairperson)

Mr. Gerry Hayden, MGSI, has been elected as the new Cathaoirleach (Chairperson) of the Board of Directors of the Genealogical Society of Ireland at the Annual General Meeting of the Society held on Tuesday 10th March 2015. Other officers elected were: Tony O’Hara (Leas-Chathaoirleach – Vice-Chair); Michael Merrigan (General Secretary); Billy Saunderson (Director of Finance) and the following Directors who will receive their portfolios at the April meeting of the Board, Barry O’Connor, Tom Conlon, Eddie Gahan, Pádraic Ingoldsby and Séamus Moriarty.

Gerry Hayden received his Chain of Office from the President of the Society, Mr. Stuart Rosenblatt, PC, FGSI. Gerry succeeds John Hamrock who stepped down after five years on the Board.

The AGM agreed to cap the membership of the Board at ten Directors at any one time and therefore, in accordance with the Development Plan 2015-2020 adopted in November 2014, to make greater use of non-executive officerships which will cover a range of portfolios across all of the Society activities. New President of The Genealogical Society of Ireland installed







GSI President (2014)New president of the Society.

At a meeting of The Genealogical Society of Ireland on 9th December 2014, Stuart Rosenblatt was installed as the new president of the Society.

Stuart’s output of genealogical publications is not measured in words, pages, or books; it is more appropriately measured in kilograms.  His publications on Irish-Jewish records occupy a long shelf in the Society’s archives.  RTE says about him “Rosenblatt devotes “two weeks out of every one” to this unpaid, unacknowledged work. His daughter Sonia tells us how family life has suffered. As a businessman, Stuart is first to admit it’s an expensive hobby.” Hopefully this appointment goes a little way to providing some such acknowledgement.

Stuart Rosenblatt









Index to Register of Births, Marriages & Deaths on


An enhanced version of was launched jointly by ministers Jimmy Deenihan and Joan Bruton at the Royal Irish Academy in Dawson St on Thursday 4th Jul.  There was a large attendance from the genealogical community.

The website now provides access to the indices of births, marriages and deaths, with the exception that births of children under 18 are not included.

The website is a great advance for genealogists, but the software is both clunky and quirky.  The clunkiness relates to the use of a Captcha (that’s one of those annoying barriers which will only open if you type in a few characters from a badly drawn picture) and the requirement that you provide your name.  The quirkiness is harder to explain.  In a number of searches, I got “No results” for entries which I know to be correct, and I eventually found them.  It appears to be necessary to clear each search before you undertake another.  In a number of screens, you are presented with two boxes in which to enter a name – there is no indicator to indicate which is forena


me and which is surname.  I’d hope that these will be ironed out soon.

Picture shows John Hamrock, Cathaoirleach, Genealogical Society of Ireland, with Minister Deenihan




Portumna Workhouse Conference 17/18th May 2014

The conference was organised by the Irish Workhouse Centre in partnership with the Heritage Office, Galway County Council. From our society, the attendance included Maura Flood, Aidan Feerick, and Mary Beglan





Tuesday 13th May Lecture

The lecture was “Technology and Genealogy from a layperson’s point of view” – by Maura Flood.

If Maura is a layperson on computer technology then we are all doomed.  She has a wealth of knowledge on the manipulation of information in the context of genealogical research and uses every trick in the book for easy and seamless transfer of stuff between different machine types operating to different standards.

It was a difficult gig.  Half of the audience was completely bamboozled, while the other half were begging for more – this has to be expected in an audience of this type.  Her favourite package by far was Evernote, and she would regard it as her most essential multi-purpose tool.  Her favourite hardware is the Ipad with bluetooth keyboard.

As the business of Genealogy becomes more and more dependent on technology, we would do well to ensure that lectures on technology are included in our schedule every year.


Printing of Vol 19 on Irish Jewry

Stuart Rosenblatt turns 70 this week (Feb 2014) … Congratulations, Stuart, and the 19th volume of his massive work on Irish Jewry will be printed on 23rd of this month…. More congratulations. There are 51,260 entries. An extract from a page is shown opposite.  Copies of the earlier volumes of Stuarts work are held in the archives of the Genealogical Society of Ireland.  Stuart is a Fellow of the Genealogical Society of Ireland.  Stuart is also responsible for the Aliens Register which is available on this site at

Stuart is also the author of “The Yidiot’s Guide to Irish Jewish Ancestry” 2011 available from

For further details contact Stuart at

Certificate of Appreciation from Sarajevo

The Genealogical Society of Ireland recently supplied a consignment of books to help replenish the University library there which was destroyed in a fire some years ago (see story below).  We have received a certificate of appreciation which can be viewed here:- Sarajevo cert

DSC_0072A Visit to the GRO

Everyone knows that the General Registration Office (GRO) has moved to Werburg Street and that the external appearance is very off-putting… but what are the facilities inside like?.  I took my camera on a recent visit.  The service of providing certs is just as it was in the previous premises – no better, no worse.  There are more desks for research in the Werburg St premises, but the lighting on a small number of desks is not great.  One of the big problems is the inadequacy of toilet facilities.  There is just one toilet available to researchers – that is one unisex cubicle.  Hopefully, this will be corrected soon to bring the place up to a basic standard in that respect.  In the meantime, do make sure to make suitable arrangements if you intend to spend a long period there.

CDsHuge CD Collection of Historical Documents Arrives in our Archives

A full collection of 78 CDs stuffed with pdfs of historical/genealogical documents have been donated to our archives by the publisher and have arrived recently.

The Flat-caps and Bonnets CD collection of Historical and Genealogical PDFs that have been scanned from out of copyright original books and the actual scans/PDFs and database rights have been placed into the public domain by the institutions that have made them available.

These PDFs are freely available to everyone who cares to search for them online, but have been conveniently assembled and catalogued, and placed on sale at 

The full set of CDs hold something in the region of 8000 items, ranging from complete directories and history books through to small documents of a page or two.

Three of these CDs are specifically devoted to significant documents originated in Ireland. You can see further details of the Irish discs here and of the collection in general here.

GSI Submission to Oireachtas Joint Committee

At Dáil

On Tuesday, 10th December 2013 The Genealogical Society of Ireland presented its 40-page submission to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht.  The Society was represented by Michael Merrigan, Tom Conlon, and Aidan Feerick.  Other organisations represented at this session were APGI, and some local genealogy/heritage centres.  John Grenham also addressed the committee in his capacity as author and commentator on matters genealogical.  Other interested parties were scheduled for hearing in the same week.

Each of the parties made an opening address, and there then followed a questioning the committee members.  We came away with a feeling that the committee members well understood the points made.  We eagerly await the report of that committee

Read the Society’s submission here

You can watch a video recording of the presentation and debate here

Thousands of new Genealogical/Historical titles in our archives

The online website, has presented to the Genealogical Society of Ireland a full set of 75 CD-ROMS of collections of historical and genealogical books and other documents.  The set includes 3 CD-ROMS dealing specifically with Irish content.  Further details of the Irish discs here, and of the collection in general here.

These discs should be available for research at the Daonchartlann shortly

2014 Journal of the Genealogical Society of Ireland

George O’Reilly and Brendan Hall are working to assemble the next issue of the Journal.  If you would like to contribute an article, please contact George on

Consignment of books arrives in Sarajevo

You will have read in recent gazettePallet of bookss about a consignment of books assembled by the Genealogical Society of Ireland to help re-stock the library of the University of Sarajevo. The University’s entire library collection was destroyed in August 1992 in the shelling and subsequent fire at the Nastional & University Library in Sarajevo in the Bosnian Civil War.  The Genealogical Society of Ireland responded to a request from some students who had launched an international appeal for donations of academic books. We received wonderful donations Mirelafrom Trinity College and others. The Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company sponsored the shipment and helped to parcel them on to a pallet.  The consignment left Dun Laoghaire on November 8th (see photo above) and arrived in Sarajevo, where they were collected by Mirela Rozajac (right), our main contact there.  Mirela wrote to us “We are very satisfied with many titles you donated, especially those with focus on the EU, war crimes, legal theory and human rights.


Vice_Dean_Prof.dr.Povlakic Dean
 Vice Dean for International Relations, prof. dr. Meliha Povlakic  Dean, prof. dr. Borislav Petrovic