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3260GRO Consular death indices 1855-1859/
3553Irish Ancestry A Beginner's GuideDavis, Bill1 86006 133 8/
2596Brady Some Baptisms, Marriages Deaths And Residents/
2897DromahaireO Duigneain, Proinnsios1873437102/
2863Devon Family History Society: members' interests register 1997/
4128Quickguide Local Directory 1994/1995 (Dun Laoghaire)/
4919Trading places: photographs and memories of some Camden shopsJudith Ellis0951143484/
4149Records Information - Records of The Royal Irish Constabulary 1986/
4786The Story Of The Pavilion Kingstown/Dun LaoghaireMcGovern, Michael/
2791Counties in time: documents andcommentaries from the National Archives of Ireland/
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