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4180Republican roll of honour: Dean's Grange Cemetery, county DublinBrian Smith/
2768Connemara After The Famine Journal Of A Survey Of The Martin Estate, 1853Scott, Thomas Colville Robinson, Tim1 874675 69 4/
4399The 6th Connaught Rangers: Belfast nationalists and thr Great War9781903688359/
2566Bibliography of Irish Family History0716502062/
3567Irish DNA Atlas Project newslettter [Ireland]/
2476Antrim, Ulster and Waterford military attestations 1886-1910/
4469The Civil Survey A.D. 1654 -1656, Vol. 4 County Of LimerickSimington, Robert C/
2609British Army Mutineers 1914-1922Julian, Putkowski09532388 2 2/
4800The Town Of The Road The Story Of BooterstownSmyth, Hazel P/
2669Carloviana: journal of the Old Carlow Society. [Ireland]/
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