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4118Quaker Connections [Ireland]/
3076Feis Ceoil Irish Musical Festival Dublin 1962/
4358SUFFOLK A Genealogical BibliographyRaymond, Stuart1 872094 41 4/1033-2065
4599The Irish at home and abroad/1082-5592
3725Lakeland Dairies The Triumph Of Co-Operation 1896-1996Donald, Brian Mac0 9529530 0 5/
4769The Second World War 1939 - 1945Tomaselli, Phil1860062016/
2900Drumcondra And Its EnvironsO'Flaherty978-0-95641-0-6/
4335St. Paul's Roman Catholic Chirch Brooklyn, New York/
3507International Genealogical Index, United States: New York/
2977Dundrum Directory 1982-830 9508255 0 6/
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