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3992O'Neill - People And PlacesO'Neill, Sean0.946538-04-2/
4838The Wesleys Came To DublinLee Cole, R./
3075FASTI. Presbyterian Historical Society. [Ireland]/
4149Records Information - Records of The Royal Irish Constabulary 1986/
4619The Irish Parliament In The Eighteenth Century No 9McCracken, J.L./
4980West Middlesex family history society journal/0142-517x
3234Graziers And Grasslands Portrait Of A Rural Meath Community 1854-1914Gilligan, Jim0 7165 2699 9/
4545The genealogist: official magazine of the Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies/0311-1776
2297NGS newsmagazine/1529-4323
5026Writing And Publishing Your Family HistoryTitford, John1-86006-029-3/
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