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Tracing Your Irish Ancestors (4th Edition) paperback by John Grenham, FGSI. (30 Mar 2012)

ISBN 9780717150243

Description — Genealogical research in Ireland has always depended on records that are more fragmented, localised and difficult to access than anywhere else. The internet is changing that. More and more records are coming online and this book is an indispensable guide to what these records are, where they are, and what they mean. This fourth edition of Tracing Your Irish Ancestors embraces online research as an essential part of any Irish family history project. Grenham includes detailed guides to Irish online records throughout the book, discussing the idiosyncrasies of the digital versions of sources and outlining research strategies. The sheer scale of digitisation can make it both easier and more confusing to do research, and makes a guide such as this all the more essential. John Grenham’s well-established and detailed guide has thorough descriptions of all the relevant sources and county-by-county reference lists – all expanded, updated and indexed to make the book easier to use than ever before. (Description by Dublin City Library)

John Grenham is a fellow of The Genealogical Society of Ireland


Tracing Your (—-Irish County—) Ancestors – Various Authors, Flyleaf Press

These county guides provide a level of detailed information on the resources for each county that is difficult to find elsewhere and therefore, they are highly recommended for those with ancestral links to the counties covered by the series. Indeed, for those wishing to research the lives and times of their ancestors to provide that much cherished ‘family history narrative’ this county based guides are an invaluable resource. (Ireland’s Genealogical Gazette)

Tracing Your Clare Ancestors – Brian Smith, Gerry Kennedy
Tracing Your Cork Ancestors – Tony McCarthy, Tim Cadogan
Tracing Your Donegal Ancestors – Godfrey F. Duffy, Helen Meehan
Tracing Your Dublin Ancestors – James G. Ryan, Brian Smith
Tracing Your Galway Ancestors – Peadar O’Dowd
Tracing Your Kerry Ancestors – Michael H. O’Connor
Tracing Your Limerick Ancestors – Margaret Franklin
Tracing Your Mayo Ancestors – Brian Smith
Tracing Your Roscommon Ancestors – John Hamrock
Tracing Your Sligo Ancestors – James G. Ryan
Tracing Your Westmeath Ancestors – Gretta Connell
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