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Journal of the Genealogical Society of Ireland

Call for submissions

The annual Journal has been established to provide an opportunity for members to present and preserve their findings in genealogy. In certain circumstances, submissions from non-members may be published.

We welcome submissions for the 2020 journal which will go to press about Dec 1st 2019. It will be published in February 2020


Most of the articles will include family history, and the main requirement for these articles is that adequate source documentation and references should be included for the data and conclusions that are presented. Data on living persons should not be included. Note that sometimes publishing an article will uncover more information on a subject from the readers, which is helpful to the author.

An increasing number of articles deal with techniques and technologies which have actual or potential application to genealogy. Such articles may relate to advances in DNA analysis, database techniques, image analysis, software, archiving and retrieval. For these, the editorial committee will assess whether the article content is likely to be of interest to a significant number of readers and whether the complexities are well explained.

The preferred size of article is in the range of 500 to 4,000 words. Short insightful pieces ranging from a couple of sentences to a couple of paragraphs will also be accepted, and will be printed at the end of longer articles to complete a page.

Formats – examples of preferred style

Dates July 22, 2015
Numbers One-word numbers three, thirteen
Other numbers 142
Book reference Grenham, J. Tracing Your Irish Ancestors: The Complete Guide. (4th Edition) 2012 Dublin, Gill & Macmillan ISBN 978-0806318974
Magazine reference Kanfer, S. Heard any good books lately? (1986, July 21)Time Magazine, 113, 71-72.
Website reference Satalkar, B. Water aerobics. Retrieved from (2010, July 15).


Please submit your article with the absolute minimum of formatting. Do not underline. Do not centre headings. Do not indent the start of a paragraph. We will format the text and headings to match the style of the journal.

Reference Sources and footnotes

Where possible, please embed your references in the article you write and minimize use of footnotes. However, if you have a lot of references, then footnoting is appropriate. One common reason for footnoting is to provide citations. Whenever you quote someone else or discusses someone else’s ideas, you should provide a citation, both to provide credit and to allow readers to examine the source for themselves. Footnotes may also be used to amplify information that may otherwise not be suitable in the main text and which the author feels is important for the reader to know.


By email

The preferred format is Microsoft Word (we can accept Rich-Text as well) Files should be emailed as attachments to

Graphical material, pictures, etc. should be scanned at 300dpi and submitted separately as attachments.

By Mail

Typed articles or articles saved on discs should be sent to The Genealogical Society of Ireland, 11 Desmond Avenue, Dún Loaghaire, Co. Dublin A96 AD76