About this website

Website Development

This website has been re-developed in Winter 2013.

The 2013 re-development was undertaken by Tom Conlon, Director of Internet Services, Genealogical Society of Ireland.  This re-development website was created using WordPress and the Expound Theme, with Zedity, Tiny Table and TinyMCE plugins

The 2013 development is mainly a re-development of the previous website, and has most of the content, though presented in a different style.  The previous development of the website was managed by Michael Merrigan, and much of the content was written by him.

In the re-development, the emphasis has been on functionality, ease of navigation, and ease of update.  All parts of the site are directly accessible from the horizontal menu bar under drop-downs.

No Payments Information Held

Although the site will provide facilities whereby members may make payments to the Society, information regarding payments (card numbers, account numbers, passwords, banking details, etc.) will not come into the possession of the society, or to the hosting service provider of this site.  Such payment services will be provided by Paypal.  PayPal is registered as a bank in Luxembourg under the legal name PayPal (Europe) Sàrl et Cie SCA, a company regulated by the Luxembourg bank authority.  Paypal will provide to a payer a receipt for completed payments, and will provide the same information to the society.

The couple on the GSI posters and website

The photograph depicted on posters, leaflets and the website of The Genealogical Society of Ireland is of William and Margaret Gleeson of Dorrington near Athlone in Ireland’s midlands.  A native of Upperchurch, Co. Tipperary, William’s first wife died in the 1890s, and he married Margaret in Upperchurch where they had 7 children together.  They seized an opportunity to buy the Dorrington farm of a departing landlord, Wellington Grey, in 1921. A progressive farmer, William imported the most advanced machinery and fertilisers.  But in the late 1920s, litigation arose in relation to the 1921 sale of his Tipperary farm and was unresolved when he died in 1932 aged 79.  Margaret died in 1953.

The Gleesons are maternal grandparents of Tom Conlon, Director, Genealogical Society of Ireland


William & Margaret Gleeson (nee Burke)